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Feb 01

Introducing New Multi-Band Multi-GNSS Alpha+ RTK Receiver

A new GPS L1/L2C, Beidou B1I/B2I, Galileo E1/E5b, GLONASS L1/L2 capable RTK receiver.

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Nov 12

NTRIP Server for Android Phone

NTRIP Server for Android phone facilitates setting up RTK base in the fields. 

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Sep 21

Stress Testing Single Frequency RTK ?

Testing to see how far single frequency RTK might still work

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Sep 14

Truth Be Told About Alpha

Answering doubts that customers have

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Sep 10

UAV+RTK Fly Over Surveyed Locations

Showing how Alpha is used with quadcopter 

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Sep 07

User Guide now available

User Guide now available with application details

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Aug 29

Alpha Mass Production

Receiving first batch of Alpha RTK receiver's PCBA today

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Aug 24

Alpha RTK Testing in Heavy Rain

Although most customers won't be using RTK in heavily raining condition, out of curiosity we took Alpha out for testing, and the result is much better than expected.

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Aug 23

RTK Antenna Selection

How antenna is selected to go with Alpha as a RTK Receiver Kit is described 

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Aug 22

RTK Base Compatibility

Alpha also works with other brand RTK base that output RTCM 3.x correction data

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Aug 17

On Accuracy Numbers

Comparing receiver specs might not be as straight forward as one might expect...

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Aug 16

Adding RTK Capability to ArduPilot / Pixhawk

A short video showing how Alpha RTK receiver can be used with UAV.

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Aug 14

Using Arduino Due and Raspberry Pi with 10Hz Alpha RTK

Hardware wiring and software setup for using RTK NMEA output from Alpha RTK receiver is shown for both Arduino Due and Raspberry Pi.

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Aug 10

RTKLIB Post-Processing With Alpha

For users that prefer post-processing with RTKLIB, Alpha can support that too !

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Aug 08

Using Android Phone for RTK Survey Data Collection

A GIS data collection example of using Alpha RTK receiver 

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Aug 06

Alpha RTK Accuracy Demonstration Using Toy Train

Checking position accuracy of Alpha

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Aug 03

Alpha RTK Receiver Road Test

Road test to see performance of Alpha RTK receiver with small high precision antenna.

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Aug 01

RTK Initialization Time

This demo shows Alpha can have average RTK initialization time under a minute at 1.6Km and 6.2Km baseline distance

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Aug 01

RTK Starter Kit Demonstration

Demo showing good performance achievable with our very low cost RTK Starter Kit 

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Jul 30

Bluetooth Ultra Bonus Feature for Pre-Orders Before August 31 PST

A market-leading bonus feature for early bird customers

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