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Feb 01

Introducing New Multi-Band Multi-GNSS Alpha+ RTK Receiver

We are excited to introduce a very high performance 230 channel Alpha+ RTK GNSS receiver capable of receiving multi-band signals from all the four available global navigation satellite systems, namely GPS L1/L2C, Beidou B1I/B2I, Galileo E1/E5b, GLONASS L1/L2 signals, offering much improved availability in non-open-sky environments. It has below advantages over earlier generation single-frequency RTK GPS / GNSS receivers:

1. Faster RTK initialization in seconds, under 10sec   vs   1 ~ 2 minutes

2. Much better performance under partial signal blockage environment

3. Works over much longer baseline, over 50Km   vs   up to 10Km

4. PPP support getting centimeter-level accuracy position result any where on earth without the need of RTK base. The logged multi-band raw measurement data can be converted to RINEX format and uploaded to online PPP service such as OPUS、AUSPOS、CSR-PPP、APPS、GAPS...etc. for post –processing and get centimeter-level accuracy position result using a single Alpha+ receiver.

Compared with other affordable RTK GPS solutions, Alpha+'s higher 10Hz multi-band quad-GNSS RTK update rate capability provides faster response time performance for real-time precision guidance RTK applications.  

Demo Using Alpha RTK Receiver with Mobile Topographer for RTK Surveying


Demo Using RTKLIB to Post-Process Alpha RTK Receiver Raw Measurement File


Demo Using ArduPilot & Pixhawk with Alpha RTK Receiver


Demo Using Arduino with 10Hz  Alpha RTK Receiver


Demo Showing Alpha RTK Receiver RTK Initialization Test at 55Km Baseline


Demo Showing Alpha RTK Receiver's Centimeter-Level Accuracy


We hope the introduction of very affordable Alpha+ receiver kit could make the multi-band multi-GNSS technology more accessible. Let us know what interesting projects you are are working on.

If any question, please feel free to drop us an .

Cheers !


Alpha+ User Guide:

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Excellent! Congratulations Polaris Team!
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Great news
Congratulations to the Polaris Team!
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