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Feb 01

Introducing New Multi-Band Multi-GNSS Alpha+ RTK Receiver

The new dual-frequency Alpha+ RTK receiver is capable of supporting GPS L1/L2C, Beidou B1I/B2I, Galileo E1/E5b, GLONASS L1/L2 signals. It has below advantages over previous generation single-frequency Alpha RTK receiver:

1. More usable signal, faster RTK initialization, < 10sec

2. Works over longer baseline, 30Km

3. One can log raw measurement and upload RINEX converted log file to online PPP service such as OPUS、AUSPOS、CSR-PPP、APPS、GAPS...etc. for post –processing and get centimeter-level accuracy position result anywhere on earth; establishing position coordinate of locally setup RTK base on its own without resorting to 3rd party RTK base, to later service RTK rover in a typical base/rover pair usage scenario.

Currently Alpha+ is working wonderfully with GPS L1/L2C + Beidou B1I/B2I RTK software

By the time we ship out next week, we expect Alpha+ to have GPS L1/L2C + Beidou B1I/B2I + Galileo E1/E5b RTK software, if not, update software ready by the time you receive it. 

GPS L1/L2C + Beidou B1I/B2I + Galileo E1/E5b + GLONASS L1/L2 RTK software update is expected to be released in late March.

We hope this much more powerful dual-frequency Alpha+ RTK receiver can be a useful for your surveying or precision guidance applications !

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Excellent! Congratulations Polaris Team!
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Great news
Congratulations to the Polaris Team!
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