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FieldGenius for Android Special Offer for Existing S100 Customers

Dear S100 Customers,
If you didn't have chance to order the $999 S100 + FieldGenius for Android (FGA) bundled offer and would like to use FGA with your S100, we are making a special $499 offer before end of 2023.
Alternatively, if could share with us below two items to use in our blog posting as S100 Usage Examples, we would be happy to offer FGA for $250.  
            1. A 200 words or more description of your usage of S100. Please include below points:
                    a. your name
                    b. which country you are located
                    c. what do you use S100 for 
                    d1. if using S100 for RTK, which RTK correction service do you use? Or do you setup a local fixed or non-fixed base to use with rover?
                    d2. if using S100 for post-processing, what post-processing tool do you use?
                    e. your consideration for choosing S100? what benefit does S100 offer? 
            2. A high-resolution photo image showing your S100 survey equipment and your happy smile
We have limited number of FGA license available for this special offer. The offer is valid until either of below occurs. 
               1. We ran out of FGA license for this special offer
               2. This special offer expires on end of 2023, January 1st 2024 Pacific Standard Time 
If interested, please reply to the email that sent you link to this announcement.
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