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Aug 03

Alpha RTK Receiver Road Test

Road test is shown in below video using the UPM-Lite Kit.


Testing is conducted in environment with one side of the sky blocked by building and later passing near trees. RTKPLOT is used to view RTK Float or RTK Fix state. Green dot indicates RTK Fix. Orange dot indicates RTK Float.  It is seen that except for one point in RTK Float state, all the other points are in RTK Fix state.

USB connection to laptop is used for this demo. Alpha also has 6-pin UART/Power connector cable to interface with ArduPilot/Pixhawk, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or other real-time controllers for precision guidance application.

Additionally Alpha has Bluetooth Serial to work with Android phone as external Bluetooth RTK receiver for RTK surveying application. Alpha's fast RTK initialization makes it pleasant to work with. Check out our other blogs to see how easy it is to use Alpha for high precision applications.  

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