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Nov 12

NTRIP Server for Android Phone

For customers that have ordered two UPM RTK Kits, we've made a Polaris NTRIP Server App that allows sending Alpha RTK base data to our RTK base re-direct server using Android phone, similar to what's described in User Guide Appendix A-2 for users setting up RTK base with Floating IP, but without needing a computer. The initial setting of the RTK base antenna location still requires using the RTK Viewer though.

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Where to download Polaris NTRIP Server?
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Thanks for finding the Polaris NTRIP Server application on Google Play. If the initial setup of the RTK base station location is the case, then the RTK viewer on Androi is great.

The Alpha hardware design didn't anticipate this later thought of extra capability, unfortunately unable to support setting up base location from Android via the Bluetooth, still needing to use RTK Viewer via USB port.
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Require a usage plan ?

The Floating IP base re-directing service is free of charge until end of this year. Afterwards it's $45 per 6 months. The NTRIP Server App is free.
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