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Sep 29

Setting Up Alpha+ for Sending and Receiving Correction Data Between Base and Rover Using Radio

For situation requiring usage of radio to send RTK correction data from base to rover using UART interface,  the minimum required transmission baud rate is 9600 for sending quad-GNSS base correction data in RTCM format; while actual data rate is around 600 bytes per second. 

Assuming a pair of radio has been properly configured to correctly send and receive data via UART at 9600. Below shows how to configure Alpha+ to send in RTCM format at 9600 on the base side and receive at 9600 on the rover side.

For the Alpha+ base, assume it's already configured to base mode outputting in RTCM format following steps described in Alpha+ User Guide section 6-3, then follow Appendix A-1-1 steps to configure output baud rate to 9600.

To configure Alpha+ rover to receive correction data at 9600 baud rate over UART, still output NMEA at 115200, GNSS Viewer will need to be used.  

Once Alpha+ base and rover has been configured to send and receive RTCM correction data at 9600, they can be connected to radio with 9600 UART interface.

For radios that has only RS232 interface, an UART-to-RS232 level shifter will need to be used.

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