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May 10

Alpha+'s RTK Performance In Signal Blocked Environment

Unlike normal GPS receiver that works nearly everywhere, RTK receiver requires much much better signal in order to function. Although Alpha+ is designed mainly for open sky environment usage, we are interested to see how it performs with the latest firmware enhancements, so we to took it for a spin in the city. Much to our surprise, it even gotten RTK Fix in unexpected places.

Blue color, RTK Fix here.

Blue color, RTK Fix here.

White color, GPS Fix here.

White color, GPS fix here.

Inner lane blue color, RTK Fix here.

Turning into this narrow valley, becoming RTK Float. Momentarily gotten RTK Fix passing cross section. Briefly gotten RTK Fix again when having better sky visibility between buildings.

Performance of multi-band multi-GNSS Alpha+ is much improved from the 1st generation single-frequency version!

Here is the NMEA and KML log file if interest to have a look.

Added by igorvi88

at what frequency did the base and rover work?
Added by Admin

Regardless of rover update rate, only 1Hz base data is needed by the rover. The test was done running rover at 5Hz.
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