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Aug 23

RTK Antenna Selection

     Key to RTK receiver performance, #1 is performance of the RTK engine, #2 is performance of the antenna. We checked the performance of 9 antenna candidates and chose two with very good performance to go with our RTK kits.

   Below we compare performance of our survey grade antenna with another RTK antenna that’s priced over $300. 

red: > $300 RTK Antenna,    green: Alpha Survey Grade Antenna

  Below we compare performance of our high precision antenna with another that’s sold at $96 on Digikey.

red: > $96 Antenna on Digikey,    green: Alpha High Precision Antenna

Taking great care in selecting antennas to go with our Alpha RTK Receiver Kit, paired with a top-notch RTK receiver for 10Hz dual-constellation real-time precision guidance or 1Hz GIS data collection, we hope to give customers best performance achievable with lower cost single frequency RTK.

The antenna at center of below image is the antenna used inside our High Precision Antenna. It has been used in several portable high precision GIS data collector designs. There is dual-feed structure and special irregular metallic coating pattern on the ceramic.  On the left is a antenna module taken from a GIS data collector; except for size of the ceramic patch, the pattern looks similar to the center one. On the right is a very low-cost patch antenna used for 2.5m CEP standard accuracy GPS products; it has single feed point and square pattern on the ceramic. Such kind of single-feed patch antenna is used by some single frequency RTK vendors. Checking performance of such type of antenna taken from another vendor's RTK Kit, it shows below center blue scatter plot when running the same 70hr test in parallel.   



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