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Aug 14

Using Arduino Due and Raspberry Pi with 10Hz Alpha RTK

Many customers have interest in using Arduino and Raspberry Pi for real-time robotic control RTK projects. Here we share two simple  videos showing how Arduino Due and Raspberry Pi can be hooked up with Alpha, using the example NMEA parser code to extract position, time, status information, and printout the results on screen. The RTK base data is sent to Alpha using Adafruit CP2014 USB-to-Serial breakout board. The UPM-Lite Kit is used in this demo.

Compared to other 5Hz RTK solution,  Alpha's 10Hz quad-GNSS multi-band RTK has advantage of faster response time for real-time precision guidance applications.  

The 8bit processor Arduino UNO has emulated 4byte floating point number, insufficient precision to accommodate the required latitude/longitude decimal digits for RTK's centimeter-level accuracy precision. Arduino Due has 32bit processor and supports 8byte double precision floating point, and is chosen instead. 


The source codes can be download from bottom of this page, clicking the SUPPORTS Tab.

We look forward to see what interesting robotic projects you plan to do with Alpha !

Check out our brief introduction to the new multi-band quad-GNSS Alpha+.

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