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S100 Receiver & FieldGenius for Android

The $150 S100 Receiver is a basic multi-band meter-level accuracy receiver capable of below signal reception:

GPS           L1  / L2C
Galileo      E1  / E5b
Beidou     B1I / B2I
QZSS        L1  / L2C

Once full function license is activated, it provides real-time centimeter level accuracy RTK solution, can record GNSS measurement for post-processing, and has functions described in S100 RTK Receiver User Guide and below. A FieldGenius for Android license is included with full function license activation.  

* 7mm + 1ppm Accuracy
* Configurable as RTK Base or RTK Rover
* Functions as Bluetooth RTK Receiver for Mobile Android Device
* Brings Centimeter Level Accuracy for Android Mobile Device
* Support PPP
* USB Serial for Laptop Setup/Configuration/Monitoring
* 256MB Flash Memory Data Storage
* Support 1 / 2 / 4 / 5 / 8 / 10 Hz RTK Update Rate


* 1 S100 Multi-Band Receiver

* 1 USB Connection Cable

Import tax is not included. Final cost depends on customs duty at the destination country.


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  • v   Supports GNSS signals of GPS/QZSS L1/L2C, Beidou B1I/B2I, Galileo E1/E5b, GLONASS L1/L2

    v   Provides centimeter-level positioning accuracy

    v   Up to 10Hz update rate

    v   USB interface

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  •       S100 RTK Receiver User Guide

2 Product Reviews
Added by Peter Fahringer

I received my S100 earlier today and downloaded the User manual and Android App onto my 2-3 year old phone. Out of the box without looking at the manual I connected to the S100 via WiFi and bluetooth within 90 seconds and was able to do a few autonomous GNSS tests showing 0.5 to 2m accuracy in open terrain. After a couple hours of playing around I followed Phase 2 of the purchase and enabled the full networked RTK functionality. In under an hour I had my activation code and updated the S100. About 5 minutes later, I was up and running with reported 3D RMS error about 7mm with a 16km baseline to the nearest network base station! So far, my expectations have been exceeded.

There are other low-cost RTK systems out there, but the Polaris S100 has a nice form factor and is functional out of the box. I look forward to putting it to use in my geophysical instrumentation and surveying practice.
Added by

Realmente es increíble la utilidad y la precisión que se obtiene con la compra de este equipo, a un costo muy bajo, la calidad es excelente, y lo mas importante que el equipo de POLARIS brinda una atención muy buena hasta que ellos saben que esta satisfecho el cliente.
Muchas gracias a todo el personal de POLARIS por haber ayudado a que mi equipo este en pleno funcionamiento.

Ing. Adolfo Ballesteros Ph.D.

It really is incredible the usefulness and precision that you get with the purchase of this equipment, at a very low cost, the quality is excellent, and the most important thing is that the POLARIS team provides a very good service until they know that you are satisfied. the client.
Many thanks to all the POLARIS staff for helping to get my equipment up and running.

Ing. Adolfo Ballesteros Ph.D.