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Aug 01

RTK Starter Kit Demonstration

Road test and RTK initialization performance testing is shown in below video using the $99 RTK Starter Kit.

Testing is conducted in environment with one side of the sky completely blocked by tall building and later passing near trees. RTKPLOT is used to view of RTK Float or RTK Fix status. Green dot indicates RTK Fix. Orange dot indicates RTK Float. It is seen that the receiver performed well remaining in RTK Fix state throughout the test. 

With 18 GPS/Beidou satellites, it has exceptional 18 second RTK initialization time. With 15 GPS/GLONASS satellites, it has nice 75 second average RTK initialization time.

Aside from realtime centimeter-level RTK positioning, RTKLIB can also be used to post-process the logged raw measurement data, described in section 8 of the User Guide.

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