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Aug 08

Using Android Phone for RTK Survey Data Collection

The Ultra Affordable UPM Kit Alpha RTK receiver can function like an external Bluetooth RTK receiver for RTK surveying with Android Mobile Device. 

In this video demo we use Lefebure NTRIP Client on the Android phone to stream RTK base data to Alpha RTK receiver and retrieve RTK NMEA result over Bluetooth. The Android phone with Mock Location enabled, allows any GPS application such as Mobile Topographer to use the external Alpha RTK receiver's higher accuracy position result. 

If prefer post-processing using RTKLIB, check out how it can be done with logged raw measurement data in this blog

Added by Erna

do you have offline workshop
Added by Survey

how is its operation in the presence of buildings, dense forest, telecommunications antennas?
Added by angelomaiabr

Hello. How was the Base configuration, in the "Base Mode" menu and the "RTK Settings" menu?
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