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Dec 24

On The Two Phase Ordering Procedure

What customer paid for products ordered does not include customs duty tax of the recipient's country and the related FedEx processing fee. For some country it's duty-free below some higher threshold amount such as $800; for other countries the threshold can be much lower and there is additional customs duty tax, the tax percentage varying with different country.

We've come across numerous cases of: (1) some customers having encountered absurd near 100% customs duty taxation, (2) some customers asking to underdeclare, but unluckily being selected to inspect by customs officer, unable to provide proof of payment on underdeclared amount and proof of the item sold at underdeclared price, thus gotten penalized with over twice the purchase price plus 100% customs duty tax.

To avoid the above bad customer experience from happening, we are implementing a 2-phase ordering procedure. In the 1st phase, the basic meter-level accuracy L1/L2 receiver is to be ordered and shipped at a low price. After receiving the item, in the 2nd phase, license activation is to be ordered to enable full feature of the product; the license key is sent over email. This approach even if unluckily encountering 100% customs duty taxation for phase 1 delivery, the total amount to pay for customs duty fee and FedEx processing fee will be roughly 25% ~ 35% of the total product price to pay, eliminating the need for asking underdeclared value taking any risks. Please note this 25% ~ 35% is only for reference, actual might vary slightly depending on different country's customs tariff regulations.

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