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Jul 14

New Lora Radio for S100

Our radio for S100 has gone through several revisions. 

First model use E61-433T30D 433MHz 1W UHF radio with Raspberry Pi Zero.

First revision used a USB host to replace Raspberry Pi Zero when there was supply issue.

Current second revision uses 915MHz 1W Lora radio to replace E61-433T30D when it reached product end of life.

At the limited line-of-sight test environment near our office, we are only able to verify ~10Km operating range at 21dBm default output power. Since it's a 1W radio with 30dBm maximum power, customers that need longer radio operating range could increase the output power level through software configuration.


Using a pair of radio enables possibility of performing RTK survey at places without RTK correction service or Internet connection. This is only possible using dual-frequency RTK receivers with raw measurement data logging capability such as S100. Below blog written back in 2020.12.03 shows how this can be done.


Lora radio user guide available here:

Lora radio can be ordered here:  

For Brazil customers, due to excessive ~100% customs duty tax, it'll be better to order from our Brazil distributor AgroData,

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