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UPM-Lite Kit

This RTK receiver and antenna kit contains light weight high precision antenna enabling user to setup RTK system for applications such as UAV precision guidance or aerial mapping that requires light weight antenna. Or it can be used as a Bluetooth RTK receiver for use with Android phones for GIS data collection.

* 1cm + 1ppm Accuracy
* Configurable as RTK Base or RTK Rover
* Plug Compatible with ArduPilot and Pixhawk
* Camera Synchronized RTK Position Stamp for UAV Mapping
* 16GB SD Card Data Storage for UAV PPK Flight
* Support 1 / 2 / 4 / 5 / 8 / 10 Hz RTK Update Rate
* Standard UART Serial for Machine Guidance Interfacing
* USB Serial for Laptop Setup Configuration Monitoring
* Functions as Bluetooth RTK Receiver for Android Mobile Device
* Brings Centimeter Level Accuracy to Android Mobile Device

* 1 Alpha RTK Receiver
* 1 High Precision Antenna (
1558MHz ~ 1615MHz)
* 1 DF13 6-pin to 2.54 mm female jumpers
* 1 DF13 6-pin UAV-to-rover connector cable 
* 1 DF13 4-pin to 2.54 mm female jumpers
* 1 DF13 4-pin camera trigger connector cable
* 1 DF13 6-pin base-to-rover connector cable
    (for base/rover pair short baseline testing)

* 1 USB Connection Cable
* 1 16GB MicroSD Memory Card

Check out our blogs to see examples of using UPM Kits for RTK surveying and UAV precision guidance.

An UNLIMITED or ONE YEAR Usage Plan is required to activate Alpha for RTK and raw measurement SD-card logging capability. The Usage Plan can be ordered after receiving the UPM-Lite Kit.


  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Documents
  • Supports
  • v   Supports GNSS signals of L1 GPS, L1 GLONASS, B1 BDS, L1 QZSS

    v   Provides centimeter-level positioning accuracy

    v   Up to 10Hz update rate

    v   USB, UART, Bluetooth interface

  • Mechanical

      Size: 74.5x 54 x 17 mm
      Weight: 40 g
      Operating Temp: -20 ~+65ºC


      Bluetooth: 2.1 EDR
      Interfaces: USB, UART, SD Card, PPS, Ext. Trigger

    Positioning Accuracy

      Horizontal: 1 cm + 1 ppm


      External Power Input: Micro USB 5V


      Signals: L1 GPS/GLONASS/QZSS,
    B1 BDS
      Tracking Channels: 28
      Update Rate: 1/2/4/5/8/10 Hz


      Correction Input: RTCM3.x, SkyTraq RAW
      Solution Output: NMEA

  • Alpha RTK Receiver User Guide

                                                                      Alpha RTK Receiver User Guide

  • Alpha RTK Code for Arduino Duo and Raspberry Pi



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