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RTK Starter Kit

This high performance RTK kit contains a RTK receiver and an antenna for base or rover operation.  It offers a low-cost, simple approach to begin working with centimeter-level accuracy RTK technology. 

* 1cm + 1ppm Accuracy
* RTK Base or RTK Rover Configurable
* UART and USB Interface 
* NMEA and Carrier Phase Raw Measurement Output
* Raw Measurement Output RTKLIB Compatible
* 16GB SD Card Storage for Raw Measurement Data Logging

* 1 RTK Receiver Boards

* 1 GPS/GLONASS/BDS Active Antennas
* 1 DF13 6-pin to 2.54 mm female jumpers
* 1 DF13 4-pin to 2.54 mm female jumpers
* 1 DF13 6-pin base-to-rover connector cables
   (for base/rover pair short baseline testing)
* 1 USB Connection Cable

* 1 16GB MicroSD Memory Card

Check out our blog to see performance of the RTK Starter Kit.


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  • Supports
  • v   Supports GNSS signals of L1 GPS, L1 GLONASS, B1 BDS, L1 QZSS

    v   Provides centimeter-level positioning accuracy

    v   USB and UART interfaces

  • Mechanical

      Size: 65 mm x 48 mm
      Weight: 18 g
      Operating Temp: -20 ~+65ºC


      Interfaces: USB, UART, SD Card

    Positioning Accuracy

      Horizontal: 1 cm + 1 ppm


      External Power Input: Micro USB 5V


      Signals: L1 GPS/GLONASS/QZSS,
    B1 BDS
      Tracking Channels: 28
      Update Rate: 1 Hz


      Correction Input: RTCM3.x, SkyTraq RAW
      Solution Output: NMEA

  • User Guide

                                                                      Reminder for RTK Starter Kit Users

                                                                      Alpha RTK Receiver User Guide

  • Alpha RTK Code for Arduino Duo and Raspberry Pi