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Aug 10

RTKLIB Post-Processing With Alpha

Aside from being a 10Hz-capable RTK receiver for real-time precision guidance control, and a Bluetooth RTK receiver for Android phone used in RTK surveying GIS data collection, Alpha can also simultaneously log data to the 16GB SD-card if it's inserted, which can be later post-processed. This video shows how the logged data is converted to RINEX and processed using RTKLIB. Although only a few simple steps are shown, since the logged data format is shown to be compatible, more complex processing on the data could also be performed with RTKLIB.  

Alpha has maximum current drain of 180mA @ 5V. With a small, low-cost 6000mAh power bank, it could easily run for 30 hours!

For realtime RTK surveying using Alpha and an Android phone, checkout this blog.