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Jun 24

Introducing S100 RTK Receiver

$699 S100: Your wallet-friendly RTK receiver.

Using latest state-of-the-art single-chip multi-band GNSS RTK engine technology, we bring you S100 receiver offering centimeter level accuracy RTK positioning and stand-alone sub-meter accuracy positioning.

S100 Multi-Band GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou, QZSS Signal Reception

Recent Lower Cost RTK Receivers

We are excited to offer S100 with MicroSurvey's $1725 FieldGenius for Android at $999, making professional RTK surveying very accessible !

Example of Using S100 with FieldGenius for Android 

The $699 S100 can also be used with other 3rd party Android App such as Mapit GIS, Mobile Topographer, ESRI ArcGIS Explorer, ESRI ArcGIS Collector, ESRI ArcGIS Survey123, Locus GIS, Landstar 7, ...etc. which supports external Bluetooth RTK receiver. 

Some CORS Network Customers Use 

We hope the affordable S100 receiver would make RTK surveying much more accessible.   

If any question, please feel free to drop us an .

Cheers !


S100 Receiver User Guide:

MicroSurvey's FieldGenius Introduction:

FieldGenius for Android Quickstart Guide:

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Added by Wayne E.


Just wanted to thank you for my handy S100 RTK receiver it's working really well.

When I placed my order, I knew nothing about GNSS. I've worked my way through to having the centremetre accuracy that was promised and setting up FieldGenius for our local coordinate here at Riverstone.

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