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Mar 07

Why Customers Choose Alpha+

When asked why customers choose Alpha+ RTK and what they do with it, here are some interesting feedback we got:

We a have a bridge monitoring project requiring 15 sets of 10Hz RTK receivers. I’m glad to come across your RTK receiver, at fractional cost of more famous brands. 15 sets of dual frequency RTK receivers at under $5000 is truly unbelievable! 

The UPM-Std+ dual-frequency RTK receiver works well for our golf course autonomous vehicle application. Your RTK receiver makes our solution more competitive on the market.

My survey work require centimeter level accuracy. I’m happy with your $325 dual frequency RTK kit.

My robotic vehicle term project needs centimeter-level accuracy precision guidance at 5Hz. For base and rover operation, getting a pair of dual-frequency UPM-Lite Kits with one year usage plan for around $300 is a no brainer.  

We look forward to hear more from customers.  Feel free to send us an !

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