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Jun 24

Introducing S100 RTK Receiver

The S100 receiver provides real-time centimeter level accuracy RTK solution, as well as the capability of recording GNSS observation for post-processing. It is a high performance dual-frequency GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou quad constellation RTK receiver. 

Popular GIS Apps such as FieldGenius for Android, Mapit GIS, Mobile Topographer, Explorer for ArcGIS, Collector for ArcGIS, Locus GIS,...etc. can be used with S100. 

Using Field Genius for Android with S100 Example


Demo Showing RTK Initialization Test at 55Km Baseline


We hope the introduction of state-of-art affordable S100 receiver would make RTK technology more accessible. 

If any question, please feel free to drop us an .

Cheers !

Added by Umesh Bhatia

We have our own reference station. Can we connect with the same directly?

Or we have to buy any subscription?
Added by geom.sanfilippo

is there an instruction manual?
Added by geom.sanfilippo

add: it is possible to buy from Italy
Added by Rinaldy84

Se puede usar con colector datos se requiere un adicional para usarla como base
Added by Admin

@ Umesh : Yes, can connect with your own reference station directly.

User Guide here:
Currently only available from our online store.
Added by

Avete un centro assistenza in Italia
Added by byronarregui

Does S100 work by stand alone RTK, or requires an activation payment?
Added by Admin

We don't have service center in Italy.
S100 works stand-alone, does not require activation.
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